Managing yourself creatively

Save your Ideas

Even when you find that you cannot use an idea, don’t throw it away. You’ve worked hard to produce it and, while it may not meet current needs, it may be just what you will be looking for tomorrow, next month, or next year.

So save it. Create an “idea bank”, a central repository for all the ideas that you dream up. With a little tinkering, some further thought, the addition of some elusive “secret ingredient”, any one of the ideas you deposit may be the million-dollar insight you will need some time in the future. You might jot your ideas down on 3×5 cards or build up a scrapbook of them. The important thing is to arrange them so that you can locate any particular item at a moment’s notice.

And to keep your creative power growing, do what you would do to keep a savings account growing: keep depositing.

Come to think of it, there is frequently a very real relationship between the two.

For all the importance rightfully attached to imagination as a means of creating ideas and finding fresh solutions to problems, it is by no means the only tool at your disposal. There is another mental process, equally valid and frequently more demanding, that no discussion of the disciplines underlying effective self-management can ignore. It’s called logic.


  • Take initiative
  • Be prepared to accept change
  • Have a high level of confidence
  • Give direction to your thinking
  • Analyse your idea on different parameters