Interpersonal Skills

Tips for Talking

People like to talk to those who can receive and share information i.e. who can talk and also listen to the other talking and understand them simultaneously. If you proceed your conversation without listening to the other person or without valuing the other person’s opinion, the talk will end up being a short one. On the other hand, just listening and not contributing anything to the discussion will make you look like someone who is not worth talking to. Make sure you completely understand what the others are saying before you make any comments or remarks on it. It is a serious error to misunderstand or just partially understand someone’s statement and then responding to it in an undesirable way. Use repetition in conversations to make your statements clear and to completely understand what the other person meant by this statements.  For example, repeating yourself by saying “Let me make myself clear….” And asking confirming your understandings through “If I understood you correctly…” It is important to summarize the topic you are speaking about if you are in a discussion or giving a class when the discussion is getting more detail oriented. Certain situations require you to keep all facts in mind to understand the topic well. Whenever the details becomes too hard to keep in mind or understand, recall and summarize the relevant parts of the discussion.


Using names or calling someone by their name definitely gets you his/her attention. It is said that for a human, his name is the shortest way of building an attachment with him. Our names have a powerful attachment to us. Researches show that people pay you more attention and give you more chance of interaction if you mention their names. This is especially useful when meeting people after a long time or while interacting with a group of people. Even though using names is a gesture easy to achieve, we often come across situations when someone greets us and we might have forgot his/her name or have no idea what his/her name might be, especially if the other person refers you by your name. Things become complicated if this meeting turns out to be a business opportunity and you have to contact him by mail or letter. Remembering names is a real advantage to your interpersonal skills. Some people forget names because they don’t pay much attention to people’s names thinking it is unimportant to know names. Some others might have a problem with their memory. The trick to get your way out of such a situation is in not letting the other person know that you forgot their name.

Handling the situation can be pretty much easy. Asking for a business card is a good option. If the guy doesn’t carry one, ask which e-mail he uses for business purpose. If there is another college of yours near you who the other person haven’t met, then you have a really good option. Introduce them to each other. When you introduce your colleague to him by name, he will normally introduce himself out of courtesy and there you have his name. You can also come up with other indirect methods to get his name out without actually asking for his name and letting him know that you forgot his name.