Effective Communication skills

Introduction – Communication

Introductory Thought

Communication…. You’ve been doing it all your life. You’ve been practicing since you were a baby. Nothing in life gets done without it. In fact, your entire being is involved in it every minute of every day. So what’s the problem? You think you would have it down to an exact science by now.


  • Because communication breakdown can cause problems ranging from employee turnover and absenteeism to decreased productivity and sales.
  • We spend millions of rupees annually on communication.
  • It lubricates the process of managing.
  • It helps in executing planning and organizing, and also achieve organizational direction and control.
  • It helps in becoming successful.


Virtually everything that happens for good or ill in an organization, or even anything between we humans in general, are a direct result of communication. Think of what the world would be like if instructions were always clearly given and accurately understood; if feelings and ideas were heard with the heart, and not just with words; and if each of us had the same mental picture as the other person has during an important discussion. Because communication is a multi-faceted process between complex human beings, there is always room for improvement. When you effectively communicate:

  • You will have fewer communication problems
  • You will give clear directions that are easily understood and followed
  • Interpersonal relationships may improve
  • You will have greater confidence in your ability to make sure that you understand important information
  • Your kids might even listen to you. (But we make no promises!)


Before we begin, there are several basic assumptions that we need to identify.

  • You are never “not communicating.”
  • “Communication” is the word used to describe the way human beings connect with each other
  • The desire to communicate is an innate human need
  • Although the communication process is very simple, the many variables that affect it make effective communication one of our most difficult challenges
  • Developing effective communication skills is a lifelong quest

The Importance of Communication

Communication is a word that is used by everybody to mean a lot of different things. It’s important to understand that communication is a process—a series of events, not just one event. Effective communication is a result of how well each of these events is managed and delivered.

shutterstock_112963519The meaning of Communication

  • Conveying message by any means (Telex, graffiti, talk, memos, telephone, punch in the nose, wink, etc.)
  • Telling something to somebody
  • Letting others know what they know, and finding out what they know
  • Exchanging ideas and emotions


  1. Think of a person with whom you had been communicating for years!
  2. List down the attributes of your communication with that person!
  3. How had been the response of this person while you are communicating with him/her?

Communication Fundamentals

Communication is transfer of information from one person to another person. Way of reaching others by transmitting ideas, facts, thoughts, feelings and values. It always involves at least two people – a sender & a receiver. It is what the receiver understands, not what the sender says

Skills of communication







Why Communicate?

The need to Communicate__?

The Questions__?

Need to know__?

Whose Responsibility?

Responsibility of the Sender__?

Responsibility of the Receiver__?