Team, players and player positions

Each team will be having 11 players including the goal keeper in the ground while game is playing. Each team can keep a list of players as substitutes and the team manager can use them for substituting any player if he’s injured or not playing well scenarios. Only 3 substitutions are allowed in a game for a team.

Another important factor to look for in football is player positions. In football each player will be expert in their position. Like if you’re a goal keeper your job is to be a goal keeper and not to play like an outfield player. Just like that each of these 11 players will be assigned with some positions. These positions are decided according to the area which you wish to play.

The areas are divided into three parts.

Defence: Defence is the area on the field which is nearer to goal keeper and goal post. It’s like a wall of players who’re the last line of protection against scoring a goal. The players in these area are commonly called as defenders. Their main aim to collect the ball from the opponent player before he tries to score the goal.


Again the players in the defence is given with different position tags. They’re centre back, left back and right back. Their positions are also mentioned by shortening it as CB, LB and RB.

Midfield: As the name indicates the midfield area is the mid part and this is an important part of the game and team. They’ll be spending more time on the ball and they’re crucial for ball reaching the opponents half.


In midfield itself there are many parts such as attacking midfield, defensive midfield, holding midfield etc.

Forward: – This is one of the important and glamorous part of the game. Forward players also known as attackers/strikers are the one who’s got the job to penetrate into opponent’s goal post area and score the goal.


This is a fan winning area because everyone become fans of those who score and attackers are paced for that job.