Managing yourself creatively

Tackle a Problem & solve it!

Engineer, manager, salesman, chief – regardless of your title, you are essentially in the problem-solving business.

Are you an executive? Then you must keep costs down, profits up, motivate those under you, and make decisions almost daily.

Is your work technical in nature? Then your job is one long search for better methods, materials, and processes.

In short, no matter how you earn your living, your primary job is to tackle problems and to save them.

Nobody need tell you what tough work that can be. But it can be made a lot easier by adapting to your own needs the techniques developed and used by our most highly skilled and successful problem solvers : our scientists.

Their methods are no secret. For years, they have used them to unravel some of the world’s knottiest problems, from the origin of disease to the conversion of matter into energy. And while they have experienced their share of failures, their problem-solving batting average has been, and is, incredibly high.