Swimming Tutorial

Swimming Equipment


Swim Suits are very important for each and every participants for the race. They are made out of strong and elastic material for stretching with ease and to give maximum stability. Men’s swimwear is a set of briefs and jammers. As per FINA regulations swimmers are not allowed to use aerodynamic suits which gives an extra advantage for them in the race. They are only allowed to wear one piece of swimsuit which have the waist above knees. Women’s swimsuits will be one piece of suite with different texture on the back. The suits can be of different size and length. However the suit should not go beyond the knees or shoulders.

Swim cap

swim cap








Sometimes the swimmers may have long hair or curly one. Hair is always a distraction while swimming because it caught hold of water and slows the free flow of the swimmer. Long hair can stick on your eye causing distraction to your eyesight in the water. Swim cap is used as a cap to lock your hair from spreading everywhere causing problems. These caps are elastic and sticky. It’ll stick to your hair holding every piece of hair inside it.


swim gog

For swimming getting a perfect eyesight is very important. Sometimes for the long swimming and all they won’t be able to hold the eyes properly and wisely.  Goggles are like a spectacles but they will be covering the whole eyes from water and chlorine content entering the eyes. There is tined Goggles which will avoid glare in the open pools and also some are of vision correcting lenses.