Mastering Cold calls

Session 4 Review and Closing

Game: Bingo
Log your Learnings
Action Plan

Be aware of these common pitfalls in Mastering Cold Calls.
Here are some pitfalls to beware of as you apply these cold-calling
Letting the “no” responses slow you down.
Each “no” is one step closer to a “yes”, so carry on. Make the next
Failing to practice your 30-second script.
Professionals always practice their skills. Make sure that you have
practiced both in person and over the phone.
Failing to identify what outcome you want from your cold call.
Decide exactly what you need before you make the call, then ask for it

Talking yourself out of a sale.
Know when to stop talking and use silence. Silence is an effective
tool to get the other person to talk.

Log your learnings
Key Learning Points
Work individually
Share your learning with your team
Share your learning with the group

Here are the items the real pros attend to. Sharpen your own skills by using this
checklist frequently.
Before Calling (By phone or in-person)
􀂉 Block out specific times for cold calls.
􀂉 Prioritize your prospects.
􀂉 Gather phone #’s and addresses before starting to make calls.
􀂉 Organize reference materials and forms for quick use during calls.
􀂉 Have at least two ploys for getting past gatekeepers.
􀂉 Plan each call separately.
􀂃 Identify your objectives(s).
􀂃 Plan 1 or 2 “consulting” questions.
􀂃 Prepare a tailored script.
􀂉 Periodically update and rehearse your script elements.
􀂉 Check your appearance and “smiling” attitude and energy.
􀂉 Have a code of ethical conduct to guide your client relationships.
During Each Call
􀂉 Keep it brief and to the point.
􀂉 Always tell the truth; do not exaggerate your product or service.
􀂉 Maintain professional decorum.
􀂉 Avoid confrontational mannerisms.
􀂉 Suggest a specific time for an appointment or callback, or offer two alternatives.
􀂉 Ask for whatever your call objective is (Appointment, sale, referrals, etc.)
􀂉 Keep a tracking record of each call.
􀂃 Get the name of the gatekeeper for future reference
􀂃 Make notes of interesting facts or attitudes of the client
􀂉 Have referral names handy if client needs additional convincing.
After Each Call
􀂉 Send “thanks” to whoever helped (gatekeeper, referral, etc.)
􀂉 Send “thanks” and confirmation to client for appointment or order.
􀂉 Follow-up inside your organization to make sure whatever you promised gets
􀂉 “Post-mortem” the day’s calls to see what is working best for you.