Basics of effective Selling

Develop qualified leads

The next step in the sales process is to decide where you should concentrate your energy. You want to make the greatest number of sales with the least expense in terms of both time and money by identifying those customers who are most interested in your product. To create a list of qualified leads.

  • Develop a qualifying checklist

  • Carry out the qualifying process

Develop a Qualifying Checklist

Initially, you used the typical customer profile to describe who your potential customers are, meaning that you looked at what types of companies or organizations have the ability to buy your product. By defining this total pool of potential customers, you were more readily able to establish your product’s most distinguishing features and benefits.

 “Who are qualified leads?”

Explanation is below.

Now you must develop the criteria on which you will base your decisions about who are really your potential customers and who are not, so you know where to spend your time and efforts – a process known as qualifying. Using these criteria, you will identify those specific companies or organizations who are most likely to buy your product in the near future or who have a willingness to buy now. These people are called your qualified leads.

You can use the Qualifying Checklist Tool to sift through your preliminary customer base and find these qualified leads.

Carry Out the Qualifying Process

Now you need to use the Qualifying Checklist to actually contact your potential customers. These people will become your Qualified Lead Roster. You
will repeat this process for every lead that you uncover

Most of the time you will qualify leads over the phone. This is a very important step in the sales process, so you need to develop a script and make sure that you are well-prepared to make the call. A critical element of the call will be the 30-second statement, which you need to carefully develop in advance. Use a sound approach and effective telephone skills in making the call. The results of the calls will determine your qualified leads. Those who do not meet the checklist criteria should be eliminated or placed on a lower priority list.

The 30-Second Statement

According to both research and experience, you have approximately 30 seconds to capture the interest of your potential customer. The 30-second statement should be a succinctly worded summary of the features and benefits of what you are selling and should capture the attention of the listener. The importance of this statement demands that you spend sufficient time developing it.

Here is an example.

Hello, Mr. Soni. My name is Neeraj. I’m with “Moving candy bar Company”, of Anand, Gujrat. We provide high-energy chocolate covered mango candy bars to athletic organizations similar to yours. We are experts in creating candy bars that fit easily into the gear that most athletes use, and packaging them in such a way that the chocolate won’t melt, even under high-level athletic events. And they are very affordable. The purpose of my call is to explore a fit between what we do uniquely well and the needs of your organization.