Mastering Cold calls

Organize your workspace

Your office may be a car, in a building, or a phone booth at the airport. No matter where you do your planning and cold calling, you need to make sure you have an organized workspace, where you have access to information and can take notes comfortably.

A clean environment goes a long way to help you feel in control. Make a list of all the things you will need around you to make a productive cold call. When the prospect begins to ask about pricing and for specific information, make sure you are ready with the most accurate data and tools. Fumbling with papers and pausing to answer questions will make you seem unprofessional. If your car is a key part of your sales calls, you need to pay particular attention to keeping it clean and organized, as well.

Make sure you have an organized workspace

Your voice will reflect your feelings about your surroundings. Choose a place where you will enjoy working and where you will have quiet time. If your office is cluttered, if it is noisy, or maybe even the wrong color, it will affect your cold calling. Create an area that will keep you alert and awake.

Specific Information

You should have information about both the company and the person you are calling so you are prepared to customize your call to their particular needs. If you have information about past orders or about your competitor, make sure you have that, also. Statistics and other pieces of information that enhance your credibility should be part of your script and presentation package. Here is a checklist of information you should have at your fingertips:

  • Information on target market
  • Information about each organization you are calling
  • Competitor’s information
  • Your pricing structure
  • Order blanks
  • Cold call tracking form
  • An appointment book or day timer

If your car is a key part of your Sales Calls

It is important to know that prospects often look at your car to assess how successful you are. If you use your car driving prospects somewhere, (a realtor, architect, or project manager, for example) make sure it is clean and has all the safety equipment. Give the prospects enough room to sit comfortably, and know how to get to your destination. Keep the radio off and have enough gas in the car.