F1 Tutorial

Different Sections

Grand prix section

Each race will be conducted in different countries and different conditions. In some cases most of the drivers will be new to that particular track and condition. So it is not possible to go one day and race on an unknown track. So the whole race event is divided into 3 sections. They are practice section, qualification section and race day.

Practice section

As the name indicates practice section is the time where the drivers and crew can practice and understand the track. They can try new techniques and tire combinations. In some cases if the main driver is well experienced with the track then the practice section will be forwarded to any junior drivers, also known as 3rd driver to learn the taste of using the original race car.

Practice section will be divided into 3 sections namely P1, P2 and P3. Each of these sections will have 90 minutes duration and cars can use the track for the whole 270 minutes of the practice section for improving their main race.

More often the practice section will be conducted on Fridays of the race week.

Qualification section

Qualification is one of the important and output determining section of the race. Main race will be arranged in such an order that cars will be one behind the other in a double row system. So the person or the vehicle who’s in the front spot will be the one having the advantage in the race and this spot is decided from the qualification. The driver who completes one lap with less time will have that front spot which is also called as pole position. The remaining order will be determined from the remaining time of finish of the drivers.

Qualification will be conducted in a 3 round knockout section. Q1 will be conducted at first with 18 minutes duration. At this stage all the 20 cars will participate in the qualification and the lowest places from 10 to 20 will be knocked out giving then the place they earned in that section for the final race.

Q2 will be conducted after a slight interval of time and the duration will be reduced to 15 minutes and remaining 15 cars will participate in the qualification and the lowest 5 of this section will be awarded will the positions from 11 to 15.

Q3 is the final and important section of the qualification. Remaining 10 cars will participate in the qualification for the top 10 position on the grid for the starting. Duration of this section will be reduced to 12 minutes and lowest position of this section will start the race at 10th position and the car which complete with lowest time will be getting the pole position.

Race day

Race day is the major event of the race. The final head to head race will be conducted that day and the starting lineup will be as per the qualification positions. The race will be conducted normally on Sunday afternoon.

Racing Points System

Points are very important for any game event and when it comes of Formula one you should be in top 10 to get a point. The top 10 finishers of the final race will be awarded with points and these points will go to their personal points table as well as the team’s points table where the teams target constructer’s championship and driver target drivers’ championship.

The points will be awarded in this order.


If the drivers of same teams end up in point winning positions, then the total points earned by the drivers will be added for the constructor’s championship point table. There are many rules that decides the point awarding. These rules will be monitored by the FIA.