Managing yourself creatively

Lesser details

The higher you progress in your business or profession, the harder you work. Consider the man whose small service company gradually expanded. With the growth of his business, his personal responsibilities kept mounting. In desperation, he consulted an industrial engineer who showed him how to simplify his job.

When his firm had been small, he was obliged to attend to all the details: the purchase of supplies, the typing of invoices and statements, the management of his shop. As his business grew larger, it just didn’t occur to him that he could delegate some of those details to his helpers.

Even after he had consulted the industrial engineer, he found it difficult to “let go”. But little by little he lightened his load, relaxed, and began to enjoy better health and a greater income. Through delegation he had transformed an over-balanced job into a well-balanced organization.

This kind of organizing through delegating applies to you, too. Delegate the lesser details of your job to those who have lesser jobs under you. That’s really why they are there.

Most of your subordinates-subordinates-75 percent of them, according to recent surveys- are anxious to assume new duties.