Managing yourself creatively

The Right Way to Delegate Authority

You’ve seen him: the boss who is frantically working on Wednesday’s chores when Friday rolls around. Panic-stricken, he cannot do his best; in despair, he makes bad decisions, takes out his frustrations on employees, and turns out-or overlooks-slipshod work.

You’ve seen the other kind, too; the boss who carries every bit as much responsibility as his disorganized colleague, but who has mastered the technique of passing out bits of it to others. He trusts them to make their own decisions within the framework he establishes for them. They report to him on results, not details, unless they need help with those details. You will find him busy, but not too busy to sit back and think.

Which one do you think gets more work done? Enjoys his job more? Is more respected by his fellows? Has the better chance of living to a ripe, old age?

There’s really no contest, is there?

Why? Because the “delegate-what-you-can” man enlarges his area of action and multiplies his own efficiency by the number of people he allows to help him. By giving others the opportunity to prove themselves, he encourages initiative and personal growth among his subordinates. In firm control of the overall picture, he isn’t weighed down by a hundred petty, worrisome details. He gets more done in less time, with a minimum of personal wear and tear.