Recognizing & Managing Anger

Recognizing how Anger Manifests

How do you behave when you are feeling angry?

Some people become mean or find blame; others act extra nice and try to please. Some laugh or become humorous, while some become sarcastic. Other people become depressed, withdrawn, or quiet. Others do not follow through with their commitments when they are angry. Perhaps you have difficulty eating or sleeping, while there are many who eat more or sleep more.

In order to truly learn how to manage your anger and get it under control, you need to take the time to:

  1. Identify emotional clues

  2. Recognize physical clues

  3. Know how your body responds

Take a few minutes and complete the “How I Manifest My Anger Tool” to inventory how you choose to manifest your anger.

How I Manifest My Anger?

Each of us usually chooses a passive or aggressive way to express our anger. What do you do?

When I get angry I usually…

  • Become mean.
  • People know by what I say and by the tone of my voice that they better not mess with me again.
  • Blame someone else. I make sure they know it was their entire fault, not mine.
  • I don’t like to be mean, so I am extra nice. That way people will feel guilty about making me mad.
  • See the humor in the situation; it is funny how people try to get me riled.
  • Try to find a way to make others look foolish. I like to tease those people who have made me mad.
  • Get really sarcastic. My tone of voice and my body language lets them know just how I feel.
  • Go to bed or stay by myself. I don’t like to be around other people when I am mad.
  • Just say nothing. Why even talk if it will only make me madder? I’ll give them the silent treatment.
  • Don’t want to do anything more for them. Why even try if it’s going to make me angry? I’ll avoid them altogether.
  • Start to eat a lot. I have a lot of energy when I get angry and I need something to do to get rid of the energy.
  • Hardly eat at all. In fact, I sometimes get very ill. I internalize my anger, so I usually get sick.
  • Increase my exercise routine. I want to do something physical. Instead of hitting I do something like go running.
  • Find the closest person to me and yell at them. I can’t yell at my boss so I get mad at my spouse or my kids.
  • Work very hard at something, anything. Sometimes it is on my hobby or sometimes I work overtime at work.