F1 Tutorial

Popular Terms & Keywords

Formula one contains a whole lot of secret codes and terms used between the teams. Sometimes we wonder what they are saying in the team radio. It is because team radio is open to the regulators and there are chances of misusing the team ideas. So avoid that most of the teams uses codes to communicate but there are many common terms that we may hear watching the race. These are the common keywords and terms.


  • Circuit: – Circuit refers to the track where race is going on. If you hear the sentence “Circuit is wet” means the road is wet. Circuit also refers to the whole place where the race is occurring. E.g.:- Silverstone circuit.
  • Constructor: – In Formula one constructor have two meanings. The team is considered as the constructor when we take all the teams differently but if we pick a set of teams that use same engine, then their constructor is the company which made that engine. E.g.:- If we pick the team Williams, they are one team which can be termed as a constructor and the Williams engine is made by Renault which makes them the constructor.
  • Tire warmer: – It is an electronic blanket kind of material where all the tires will be kept before racing. For getting the maximum result from the tires it needs to be warmed and most of the countries will be having low atmospheric temperatures which denies that. So tire warmer is used to stabilize the temperature of the tire.
  • Steward: – It is a person appointed by the FIA with full authority to handle the race. He will have the power to decide the penalties and his word is the final word on that race.
  • Pole position: – Pole position have a big influence on deciding the winner of the race. Before each main race there will be a qualification section where all the teams will go for one lap and the driver who finishes the lap with lowest time will be awarded with pole position which means he will be on the first row for the main race and behind him all the remaining drivers according to their time of finish on the qualification section.
  • Pits: – Pit is area where all the team crew members and staff will be there for vehicle assistance and support. This area includes garage and all the controlling and monitoring systems. F1 cars will come to pits for changing their tires and for refueling at the time of race. There are speed regulations on pits.
  • Pit wall: – Pit wall is basically a race control center for each and every team for their cars. This place is just opposite to the garage of the team. They will have all the equipment to monitor the car and also the team principle will be there giving all the instructions to the drivers.
  • Pit board: – Pit board is basically a sign board which contains all the details like reaming lap, current position etc. on a board which will be shown to the driver to make him remember. It will be handled by the team crew in the pit.
  • Parc ferme: – This is a restricted area for all the crew members of the team. Once the qualification and the race is completed all the cars will be kept at this area. This area is made secure to avoid unauthorized access to the vehicles and all the testing on the vehicles by the FIA will be completed from Parc ferme.
  • Lollipop: – Whenever F1 car enters into the pit for refueling and tire changing those things should be completed as fast as possible because in F1 time is above anything. So for that all the crew members should be ready to do the job when the car arrives at the pit. Lollipop is a sign board kind of item which shows the driver when to stop, where to stop when to start the vehicle etc.
  • Jump start: – These are sensors in each and every car’s to monitor whether they’re moving the vehicle before the signal is given. If they’re doing so, they’ll be awarded with penalty.