Applying Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace


Be aware of these common pitfalls in Applying Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace.

Trying to argue yourself out of all negative emotions.

Feeling upset when things don’t go your way is healthy and motivates you to change things for the better. Only try to argue yourself out of self-defeating emotions, like depression, fear, and rage

Not getting professional help for serious emotional disturbances.

No one can manage every difficulty alone. If you are consistently sad, anxious or depressed, or if you have unmanageable anger, seek the assistance of a competent mental health professional

Parroting the speaker’s words during active listening.

Repeating someone’s exact words is awkward and may even be offensive. Paraphrase – summarize in your own words the essence what you have heard

Not being objective in evaluating your emotional skills.

You won’t improve a skill if you don’t know it needs improving. If you have trouble being objective about your social and emotional skills, get feedback from someone close to you.

Expecting miracles.

Many of the skills taught in this course cannot be mastered after only a few tries. Make a sustained effort to put them into practice and you will succeed