Managing Stress

Stress Signals

  • A tendency to suffer from frequent headaches
  • The feeling of being constantly under strain
  • Being excessively tired and never feeling sufficiently rested or freshened by sleep
  • Feeling generally strung up and tense without any real reason
  • Finding that one’s feelings are too easily hurt, excessively sensitive when compared to others.
  • Expecting the worst to happen when the risk is very small; e.g. never feeling happy until all the family members are safely at home
  • Taking everything that goes wrong personally.
  • Wanting to ring the office on holiday to make sure every thing is all right.
  • Experiencing surges of fear, anxiety or panic sensations for no apparent reason.
  • Feeling very indecisive, taking a long time for decisions, putting things off that have to be done, not enjoying one’s job.
  • Feeling that many things in one’s life are simply getting out of control and one is helpless victim of circumstances
  • Actually having so much work to do that it must be brought home most nights and weekends, unable to take a real holiday.
  • Actually having a poor product or poor service to offer that worries.
  • Physical health is poor.
  • Having no one on whom one can depend at work or at home.
  • Having very real financial problems.
  • Having a number of domestic problems that remain unresolved.
  • Having sexual needs that are largely unsatisfied.
  • Unsatisfactory prospects at work – blocked promotion, poor career development, possible redundancy, etc.
  • Having a job that makes little demands on one’s abilities and skills

Symptoms of Stress

  • Physiological

Acidity, ulcers, migraine, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure

  • Emotional

Tension, anxiety, depression, nervousness

  • Behavioral

Introverted, withdrawn, isolated

Impact of Stress in Totality

Impact of Stress in Totality

As we already know by now, that stress is necessary, however too much of stress damages a person as a whole and Impact of stress not only puts a person in trouble, but also to others who are dearest to them.

We have identified various culprits behind the excessive strain due to stress.

Some of them are as follows:


To Conclude

  • We need to accept the fact that stress is out there to stay; there is no way to avoid it.
  • Don’t try to hide stress or suppress it; it will only heighten stress; instead, let it all come out in the open so you can manage it effectively.