Managing Stress

Living in a world of stress

Defining Stress

  • “STRESS” is the reaction from human body to a demanding / difficult / discomforting situation at work, in family, in society.
  • Stress occurs when there is an imbalance between the demands of our lives and the resources we have to deal with those demands.
  • A nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it.
  • A psychological & physical response of the body that occurs whenever we strain ourselves.
  • Adapt to changing conditions, whether those conditions be real or perceived.
  • A gap between the demands you perceive that are being made on you and your perceived resources to meet those demands.
  • Stress occurs when the pressures upon us exceed our resources to cope with those pressures.
  • The set of all organic reactions to physical, psychic, infectious, or other, aggression’s, which are capable to disturb homeostasis (the internal body equilibrium)
  • Stress results from an event or a situation that places physical/psychological demands upon you.
  • It is a discomfort incurred without a person being able to identify the source of the discomfort.

What is Stress?

It is state of Abnormality, a state of Discomfort, and a state of Anxiety. It is something, which we can neither swallow nor spit out. Stress is a process that builds. It’s more effective to intervene early in the process rather than later. Stress results from an event or a situation that places physical/psychological demands upon you. When stress occurs, whether due to a happy or unhappy event, complex physiological reactions occur in the body that prepares one to “fight or flight.” It is the response of the body’s functional systems as coordinated by the mind, which on the basis of intellect has identified the change as a demand to adjust or to adapt. It is very essential to understand the basic factors underlying the Stress. It is a subjective response to the situation and a physical reaction of the body to a demand. Stress is simply the body’s non-specific response to any demand made on it. Adverse pressures at work or in social situations can cause it.

Gestures of Stress

Gesture of Stress is nothing but your “Body Language” that tells that you are under stress.

Stress in numeric terms

A survey conducted showed that in a representative population,

  • 4% are stress producers!
  • 16% are semi-stress producers!
  • 36% are neutrals-they will react to your body chemistry.
  • 31% are happiness producers for whoever they come in contact with.
  • 13% are permanently stress-free persons!

What does stress do?

  • It bites, bites & bites
  • It hurts, hurts & hurts
  • It damages, damages & damages
  • It grows, grows & grows