Interpersonal Skills

Influence People


Most business people often wonder how to have a control over their clients thought for his advantage. Here the topic of influencing people comes into picture. Having a way into someone’s mind helps you to have a deeper connection with him and understand him which is very helpful in business as well as social lives. It will help you to approach people in a better way. Influencing people requires understanding their personal environment, feelings, ethics and how they do business. Influencing and convincing people requires active listening and a very sharp observation skills.

We all send out our thoughts in our subconscious minds unknowingly when we interact. If one is really good at reading between the lines, they have an advantage here. Others can improve their skills of understanding peoples thoughts by listening and observing carefully how they interact with you.

Try thinking from the other person point of view or ‘put himself in his shoes’ to know what he may have in his mind. This method is known a empathizing. This helps you to understand his side of the story and also addressing his needs will help you to be seen as a person who cares and can be trusted.

The success of your communication depends on the how you communicate with other i.e. the language and style of your communication. We all know that we do not use the same language and style when we talk to our parents or kids, family, the grocer and your coworkers or bosses. How your listener intercepts your message depends on how you say it. For example you don’t talk in a formal language to your family as they may see this as an act of rudeness. Whether you are having a friendly talk or exercising authority, it is always advised to empathize whenever necessary so that your communication does not end up reflecting your selfish interests.

WE should always remember the circumstances decide a person’s behavior and so it is absolutely necessary to understand the situation and react accordingly. Successful people have that way of conversation where they listens, empathizes, and finds a common ground to get a connection with the other person and are able to put forward the proposal in such a way that it does not hurt the feelings any of the parties. They understand the issues and communicate in a way that is consoling and understanding to the other person.