Recognizing & Managing Anger

Identifying sources of Anger

Anger is a feeling of displeasure usually experienced when people or events fail to meet our expectations or when we experience some form of antagonism (internal or external). To know the sources of anger you experience in your life, you must know yourself. Carrying anger around with you without resolution makes it difficult to pinpoint the source.

Unresolved anger may be connected with a conversation ten minutes ago with a co-worker, an argument with a child two days ago, or an ongoing conflict in your family. For instance, a conflicted relationship with your father may have left you angry with him. In your family there may have been no way to communicate your anger so you held it in and carried it into your adult life without resolution.

To identify the sources of anger, you will need to:


  1. Know how anger evolves?

  2. Detect emotional roots

  3. Acknowledge situational roots