Managing yourself creatively

…Make yourself Indispensable? CONTINUED…..

Give a Courteous Hearing to Ideas

Many ideas may sound fantastic to you, but it’s important not to act scornful or impatient. There is no surer way to discourage original thinking by subordinate than to disparage or ridicule a suggestion he makes. His next inspiration might well be the very one you need, so make it easy for that next idea to come to you.

Give a Chance to Participate in Decisions

When your people feel they have had say in a decision, they are much more likely to go along with it. If they agree with the decision, they will look at it as their own and back it to the hilt. If they don’t agree, they may still back it more strongly than otherwise because their point of view was given full and fair consideration.

Tell the Originator of an Idea What Action was Taken and Why

If you do, he’ll study other problems and make suggestions on ways to solve them. If his idea is accepted, seeing the results of his thinking put into effect will encourage him. If his idea is not adopted, he will accept that fact more readily and with fuller understanding if you show him that the reasons for rejection are clear and sound. In addition, knowing exactly why his idea was impractical will help the suggester analyze the next problem more clearly.

Build up Sense of Work Value

Most people need to think their jobs are important. Many even have to feel that they not only have an important job but also are essential in it, before they start clicking.

Let Your People Know Where They Stand

The day of “treat’em rough and tell’ em nothing” has passed. A system providing periodic ratings for employees is the first step. However, you will get full value out of such a system only if you discuss ratings with each person individually so that he can bolster weak points, clear up misunderstandings and recognize his particular strengths and talents.

Criticize or Reprove In Private

Reprimands in the presence of others cause humiliation and resentment instead of a desire to do better in the future. Criticizing a man in the presence of others undermines his morale, his self-confidence, and his desire to do his best for your company. So if you must criticize, keep it on a “man-to-man” basis, away from prying eyes and eager ears.

Praise In Public

Most people thrive on appreciation. Praise before others often has a multiple impact. It tends to raise morale, increase prestige and strengthen self-confidence – important factors in the development of capable personnel. But be sure that those you praise are really the ones who deserve it and that you don’t encourage “credit grabbing”

Give Credit Where Due

Taking credit for what really belongs to one of your people tends to destroy his initiative and willingness to take responsibility. Giving him fair recognition for what he does has a double benefit: he gets appreciation for doing a good job, and you win the cooperation and support of a loyal worker.

In short, the secret of making yourself indispensable in business is really no secret at all. All it requires is imagination, initiative, a sensitivity to the needs of others, and plain old hard work. Perhaps the reason so few men are truly indispensable today is that those four qualities are not so common as we think.