Applying Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace


  • active listening: The process of actively working to understand verbal and nonverbal communication and clarify that understanding.

  • brainstorm: To generate as many ideas or potential solutions as possible, without assessing whether they are correct or workable. Typically, brainstorming is used to generate ideas which are later evaluated critically to determine their merits.

  • demand thinking: Thinking in shoulds, oughts, musts, have tos, cannots; absolutely requiring that people or things do one’s bidding.

  • explanatory style: A habitual way of explaining events and predicting what will occur in the future. An explanatory style can be either optimistic or pessimistic.

  • fight-or-flight response: A pattern of physical responses, such as increased heart rate and blood flow to large muscles, that readies the body to fight or flee from a perceived threat.

  • flow: A state of complete absorption in an activity or task, during which time seems to pass rapidly and peak performance becomes possible.

  • peak performance: The execution of an activity or task at the height of one’s ability—the highest level of performance one can achieve.

  • resilient: Able to recover readily from misfortune.