Game rules and regulations

Advantage rule

This is one of the common term that we here while watching the game. This rule is used when opponent made a foul on you but somehow the ball is with your team mate, then instead of stop playing the game referee can give advantage to the team which received the foul so that they can finish what’s started. But if the foul is big enough to give a card, referee can give it later also. This usually happens when the team is counter attacking and desperate defender tries to stop the game by fouling on the player with the ball.

Offside rule

This is another important rule that you see while playing. The game football comprises of creativity and talent. You need to be in perfect position at perfect time to make use of the opportunity.  Offside rule is to avoid player taking a standing position on opponent’s goal facing side instead of playing along with them. The simple definition to this is you should not be standing away to the last defender for taking a long pass and score a goal. You should be on your side of the ground while there is a final defender. It’ll not be taken all the time. The moment you get the ball or the pass is been provided, you should not cross that imaginary line. After receiving you can run for the goal.

The yellow card rules

As I described earlier yellow card are issued to the players by the referee when a player commits a small but still a mistake. There are few elements that are considered giving a yellow card.

  • The players who play the game without following the rules of the game.
  • Playing dangerously hurting the opponent’s team members with an intension to do so.
  • Shooting the ball at opponent player intentionally.
  • Goalkeeper violating the rules of the game with the privilege of handling the balls with hand.
  • Wasting the game time of game intentionally.

The red card rules

Red card is one of the integral part of the game. It can change the whole result of the game and game plans. Red cards are shown for players who commit hard fouls on players or if they get yellow card for the second time in the same match. There are few elements that are considered giving a red card.

  • Physically hurting a player by kicking the ball intentionally towards him.
  • Intentionally jumping or stopping a player.
  • Hitting a player intentionally or charging a player roughly.
  • Handling the ball incorrectly at game time.

Penalty kick rules

I’ve described about the reasons for taking a penalty kick but these are the important rules that need to be followed while taking a penalty kick.

  • Except the goal keeper and the kick taker all the other players must stand outside the penalty area.
  • The goal keeper should stand on the goal line.
  • The ball should be placed on the penalty spot and then kicked.
  • The kick should be completed with one attempt.
  • The player should not kick the ball twice if it is a penalty shout out.