Telephone Skills for Customer Service

Find out what your customers want

Every customer has needs and expectations that must be met. As discussed earlier, the true essence of customer service is fulfilling each customer’s needs. In order to do that you must first know what their needs are.

You can do this if you:

  1. Take time to understand.
  2. Interpret your customer’s needs.

Take time to Understand

You may be so busy handling customer calls that you haven’t had time to think about customer service. You may not yet have a clear understanding of your customer’s service needs.

Take the time to listen to your customers and find out what they really want. Once you understand this, it will be much easier to address these needs and provide quality customer service.

This customer, above all, desires accuracy. He wants dependable service, answers to questions, not be transferred from one person to another, and to receive correct information.

Interpret your Customer’s Needs

When you think about it, customers do ask for a lot. They expect a fast response, error-free information, quality products, courteous treatment, ontime shipments, and much more.

But if you were the customer, would your needs be any different from what your customers are asking for? Wouldn’t you expect quality service?

If the company you called failed to provide what you wanted, wouldn’t you do what most customers do-namely, find another company to do business with?