Telephone Skills for Customer Service

Develop a positive attitude

We have talked about telephone skills and what customers want, but perhaps the key to providing customer service is attitude. Attitude is your mental position on facts—or, more simply, the way you view things.

The following key points will help you develop an attitude geared towards satisfying your customers and providing quality customer service:

  1. Take control
  2. Choose to be positive

Take Control

You probably have days that you begin by feeling great. As the day advances, your feeling of well-being starts to slip away. By day’s
end, you are glad it’s over.

If you have had this experience, you are normal. Everyone experiences sadness, anger, frustration, happiness, excitement, and many other emotions at work. The problem begins when your negative feelings get in the way of your ability to serve your customers.

This is the point when you need to take control of your attitude. Only you can decide how you will react and what kind of attitude you will display.

Whenever you talk on the telephone you have a choice. You can reflect a positive  attitude, or you can make another less desirable choice.

Choose to be Positive

Suppose that your day’s first telephone call is with an unpleasant customer. You can allow this unpleasant situation to affect your attitude negatively for the rest of the day, or you can put it behind you and regain a positive attitude

It is not always easy to be positive. There are work situations that can negatively influence your attitude. Someone you work with may depress your attitude, your workload may be heavy and stressful, or certain customers can be demanding and unpleasant to work with. Yet when you decide to be positive and customer oriented, you have taken the first step in controlling your attitude. Your challenge is to maintain this positive attitude despite any negative events that may take place during the day.