F1 Tutorial

Different Flags

Racing Flag

Similar to all other motor spotting events flags have a major role in the race. They’re used to give instructions and messages to the drivers and this is very important. There are mainly 3 categories of flags namely Status Flag, Instruction Flag and The Chequered Flag.

Status flag

As the name indicate they are used to notify the drivers with the current status of the race. This status will be same for all the drivers on the race. Different kinds of status flags are

  • Green Flag: – It is used to inform the start or restart of the race which is under some delay.
  • Yellow Flag: – It is used to give a warning to the driers to drive carefully because of some accident or any kind of issue on the track. Under yellow flag the cars are not supposed to overtake another car or to speedup.
  • Red Flag: – This indicates danger and race is stopped. In these situation all the cars should be headed back to the pits and if it’s because of any bad whether condition or huge accidents, then the vehicles will have to stop and park nearby.
  • Red & Yellow Striped Flag: – This indicate there is some problem with the track and the cars should be careful. This used when there is oil spill on the track or sand that could cause loss of grip and control on the vehicle.
  • White Flag: – This is to indicate the race is free practice section and vehicles are passing by.

Instruction Flag

These flags are used to communicate with one driver in case of emergency response available and there is no time to waste for team radio. The different types are:

  • Black Flag: – This indicates that the driver has broken rules and he should get back to the pit immediately on the next pit entry point.
  • Black Flag with Orange Circle: – This is also a sign for the driver to get back to the pit because of some issue which is making problems to other drivers. Problems like fuel leakage oil leak etc.
  • Per-bend black/white flag: – This indicate that the driver is been awarded with a penalty for lack of sportsmanship behavior in the race.
  • Black flag with white cross: – This flag is raised when the driver is not responding to any of the other black flags. This will lead to blocking the score that he’s going to earn and the flag is to inform the driver about that.
  • Blue Flag: – This is used to indicate the driver about another car with high speed is coming towards his direction and he should give way for that car.

The Chequered Flag

Chequered Flag is used at the end of the race to inform all the drivers that the race is over once you touch the finishing line. The flag will be a combination of black and white squares.