Essential Skills required to become a player

Learn to pass

Football is all about team game and Passing the ball is the most important and must needed skill for a player. It’s not just passing it’ll all about how you pass, at what time, how challenging pass, how long that pass was. Everything matters for a game. So a player with good passing skills will always get a room in the team. Mostly midfielders are more practiced on the methods of passing because they’ll be handling more ball time and their key passes may change the result.

Learn to shoot

If you’re spending more time on the opponents half then you’ll have more chance to get into the box with ball in your legs. Opportunities like those should be utilized wisely and good shooter of the ball can take his chance from anywhere on the opponent side. Even defenders and goal keepers should know how to shoot the ball perfectly because in situations like clearing the ball and all you’ll have to clear the ball by shooting it to the other side to save the attack.

Learn to dribble

Dribbling is one of the important skill that all the attacking minded players should have. We won’t be able to take the ball to opponent’s penalty box without showing some tricks because there’ll be number of players waiting for you to take the ball from your legs and little tricks may help you overcome them.

Learn to head the ball

Not everyone playing football is tall or strong and one of the skill that you can take against such players is heading the ball. If it is meant to score the goal or to provide a pass or to redirect a long pass your heading skill may help. If you’re good at jumbling and if you have enough heading skill, you can rule the corners and free kicks standing in the box.

Learn to use the weak foot

Predictive players are easy to take down. Trying to do something when it is not expected is best time to do it. Taking a shoot will also come in the same category.  Most of the players and goal keeper will be concentrating on your dominant foot to make a move to block. If you’re good with both the foot, then you’ll get an upper hand on this part.

Learn to defend the goal

When you’re playing football you have two aims in front of you. One is to score goals and other is avoid opponent scoring the goal. As a team game and as a player on the ground you should know how to defend the ball properly. If not the whole game may fall upside down. One single error can cause big damage and you should be prepared to whatever it takes to take control of the ball in any situations.