Equipment’s for the game

The game football involve many physical movements and processes. There are many equipment’s that are used for the game and for the player’s protection. Some of the important items are:-

Cleats / turfs / boots

This is a must and important gear required for everyone on the field. Game is more comprised of running dribbling and many cutting moves and for maintaining the stability and balance on the pitch high quality boots are required. The boots that’s used in football will have metal spikes even though it’s dangerous because the studies shows the result favouring the spikes and without that players won’t get enough balance on the grass and on wet conditions.


Using socks will help the players keep the Shin Guards properly and thus avoid and leg injury. Socks will also provide an extra grip over the boots in heavy leg movements.

Shin Guards

Shin Guards are very important piece of equipment. It’ll help protect the player’s shin. When the game enters critical stages the opponent will try his level best to take the ball from you and this may lead to heavy kick on your body. So it’s necessary to take necessary precautions against that.

Ball / Football / Soccer Ball

There is no game without a ball. The ball is made up of vulcanized rubber with plastic bladders and covered by plastic covers. All these balls are made out of strong materials with less weight which makes this task challenging. The ball should take a powerful hit as well as should not break at any point.