Managing yourself creatively

Competition within your Organization

Does it disturb you when you learn that another executive has been tapped for a promotion? Or, that the other fellow’s idea has been adopted instead of your own? Or, that X’s department has out produced yours? Don’t let it.

Rather, recognize that nobody always can be top man. Healthy competition within an organization is all to the good and is desirable as a means of keeping every man on his toes and doing his best. But to expect yourself to win all the promotions, out-think everybody else, and out produced everyone all of the time is not only unrealistic; it is literally unhealthy. As long as you are doing the very best you can and winning your share of the laurels, this internal competition should not prove source of frustration or tension.

If, by chance, you are not doing as well as you think you should, go into “executive session” with yourself and see if you can’t snap out of your slump. May be you haven’t thought out your problem. Perhaps, there is someone who can help you. Possibly an objective reappraisal of your situation will set you on the right path.