Business Etiquette

Celebrate special days

When you meet and mix with people of other cultures you have a wonderful chance to expand your cultural horizons and encounter totally new experiences. To take advantage of this fully, you should.
  • Welcome opportunities to join in.
  • Respect significant festivals.

Welcome opportunities to join in

When you show that you are ready to meet someone from another culture halfway, by taking part enthusiastically in his or her celebrations, you are building a sturdy bridge between you, which will link you together beyond your business relationship.
Don’t be intimidated because you don’t know the correct way to behave. As an outsider you are not expected to know every custom. Ask your host to tell you what to do, what not to do, and, if appropriate, what gift to give.

Respect significant festivals

It’s important to know when your coworkers will be holding celebrations, so that you don’t schedule major meetings or events for that time. It can mean a great deal to individuals when you acknowledge their special days.
You show your respect for people when you adapt your behavior in deference to their festivals, e.g., by making a special effort not to eat in front of a Muslim at Ramadan.