Common terms and keywords

There are many keywords and terms used in football. This part will give you a detailed explanation on these along with few most important rules that need to be in your mind while playing or watching.

Half time

 As the name indicates it’s the half of the total game time of one match. That is, each normal game will be played for 90 minutes and soon after 45 minutes a break of 10-15 minutes will be provided and later the reaming 45 minutes will be played.

Full time

It’s the normal full time allowed for a match. It’ll have a complete 90 minutes of game time and extra time which is decided by the referee and officials.

Injury time

Injury time is a short time span given at the end of each half to compensate the time that was lost because of any injuries or any other problems. It’ll be given few minutes from 1 minute to max of 6-7 minutes depending on the incidents that happened on the field on the regular time. This time will be decided by the officials and the referee.

Extra time

Extra time is mostly used for games which have a significance to find a winner. Usually when a game is ended by equal score, the game will be declared as a draw but in some cases it’s required to find a winner. In situations of semi-finals or finals we can’t take draw as a result. We need a winner and for finding that the game will be extended to another 30 minutes.  If the result is still draw after the extra time, game will go for penalty shout out.

Penalty shout out

Penalty shout out is conducted after the extra time is over with equal score status. It’s actually player vs player game where each team will be awarded with 5 penalty kicks. The team which scores more out of these 5 will win. If both the teams are ending at equal score then there will be 1 chance at a time penalty where your team won’t get another chance if you didn’t score and opponent scores.


There are different kinds of fouls on football. The most common kind is the one which happens when you tries to take the ball from the opponent. If you’re trying and accidentally if you knock the opponent’s leg then it’s a foul but even if you knock with less hardness and if your first touch is on the ball then it’s not a foul but anyway the severity of your action determines the foul concept.

Own goal

Own goal is one of the funny aspect of football. As you know if the ball enters the goal post it’ll be a goal but sometimes it may happen by an accident touch form your team mate resulting on a goal for the opposition. This is called own goal.

Red card and yellow card

Yellow card is like a warning for a medium level foul on a player. If the referee has given him many chances for committing fouls and if he still continues it mostly he’ll be awarded with a yellow card. Main thing is that once you’re given a yellow card, next time when you get it, it’ll be a red card. Red card is the direct dismissal of that player from the game. He’ll not be allowed to play again on that game and your team will have to play with 10 players which is another problem.

Aggregate Score

Aggregate Score will come into picture when an important matches like quarter finals or semi finals is conducting. In these cases two matches will be conducted, one at home ground and one at opponents ground (Away ground). At the end the final scores of both the matches will be taken and winner is decided. If the score is a tie then the team which scored more goal at opponents ground will be taken as the winner. I.e. scoring goal on opponents ground will give you an advantage later.