Interpersonal Skills

Being Reliable & Trustworthy

Often when people approach a business house and inquire about the services they provide, they are treated very warmly and cordially and they their doubts and queries are cleared and they are assured of good service. But after he/she signs up for the deal and they payment is done, the business turns cold towards the customers and fails in giving any satisfactory response to their queries and tending to their needs. This happens when business is solely focused on profits and does not care about their customers. This can lead to a loss of trust in the organization and can have a negative impact on the long run due to the number of unhappy customers.

The same can be said for interpersonal skills in daily life. Being successful in creating a positive and welcoming first impression is not enough for maintaining long lasting relationships that can help you. The first impression only acts as a foundation. The important thing is to maintain this image in the long run. This requires a certain amount of commitment towards the relationship from our side. It is important to keep in touch and assist them in ways you can whenever the situation arises. This will develop a sense of trustworthiness and reliability and will help you in the long run. Notification e-mails and messages on birthdays and anniversaries is one of the simplest way to keep in touch and maintain a long lasting business relationship.