Interpersonal Skills

Active listening

Communication is not just about speaking, but is a two way process including listening and understanding what people say. Active listening plays a very important role in speaking fluently. Speaking fluently without actively listening to what others are saying will only lead to a short lived conversation and will leave a negative image of you in their minds.

Hearing and listening is totally different aspects.

Hearing is a passive action where your ears picks up sound waves from all around you. Whereas listening is an active action where you not only just hear the sounds but understand the meaning of the words that are spoken, analyze the words, interpret the meaning and act accordingly. Listening not only involves your ears but your brain and mind too.

Actively listening in conversations can help you understand what people is are Many people shy away from putting their queries forward. They think that asking questions would create an impression about them being rude, intrusive, or pesky. Although there are certain situations where it is best to refrain from putting your queries forward, asking questions is not some scornful activity in itself.  On the contrary, you could say that we human beings can attribute whatever we have learnt and our entire development curve to our propensity of asking questions.

The trick is in seeking purposeful answers that the person can connect with and identify the thought behind the question.   saying and will aid you in arriving at an appropriate conclusion and speak and act accordingly. Active listening can help in a successful communication, and to build a receptive and cooperative image of you in the minds of the speaker. You should be seen by people as a caring and cooperative person who is attentive to the minute details of the conversation. This helps in developing an image of trustworthiness about you in the speakers mind. This kind of a conversation can only be achieved by actively listening to the speaker. Businessmen such are Investment bankers, Insurance advisors etc. excel in their fields because they have honed a very good listening and speaking skills. They can easily understand what a customer is talking about, which helps them understand those critical information that helps them in proceeding with their deal.