Interpersonal Skills

Achieving Results

Creating an impression & achieving results

It is a common saying that creating a positive and powerful first impression is essential for a good conversation and to establish the base for a long lasting relationship. It is an inner instinct of a person to evaluate your first impression. Here body language also plays a very important role along with verbal communication. When meeting someone for the first time, if it is a planned meeting such as a business meeting, make sure that you dress properly for the occasion and also groom yourselves properly. Have a positive mindset and be a problem solver and not just a problem. Have a smile while communicating. Look confident about yourself and your opinions. The eye contact and other body languages have a very important role in creating a good first impression. BE yourself and express your honest thoughts on the topic rather than blindly agreeing to the other person’s views and just reflecting his thoughts. Summaries your interests and strengths at the appropriate moments as you conclude your meeting. People always appreciate those people who are willing to put their best on their quest for success.

Getting result

In our result oriented world, the major focus is on setting targets and achieving goals. Any relationship, be it personal or professional, holds some value equally to both parties involved. Always make sure the relationship should not be one sided and self-centered. Take into consideration the interests of the other person. Although it is normal occurrence to be self-centered due to the eagerness to get good result, make sure you have the same amount of eagerness to make new relationships and maintain existing ones. Also it is important to respect personal boundaries as it is a gesture of respect. Actions that are a disturbance to personal space such as weekend calls and excessive mailing for pure business gains can harm a good relationship.

Learn to make requests to people rather than commanding people to achieve your needs. Even if you are a superior officer, it is often seen as a rude behavior and can cause loss in honesty and dedication to the relationship. People should not be made to satisfy your demands out of fear. Polite and respectful attitude towards others can be easier in getting the work done rather than commanding as people will respect you and your requests more than your position. Also good behavior from supervisors or partners in business can make people have a genuine passion to their work rather than a sense of obligation