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1. Is Brain benchmark totally free?

Some contents are free and some are premium meaning, you may have to pay a small fees to avail that specific e-learning content.

2. How can I start learning?

  • Choose anything you want to learn. You can find your ideal content by choosing the ‘Courses’ option at the top of the page and then viewing courses by category or subject.
  • To begin, simply click on the course title. You will then be able to view the course outline with interactive interface.
  • And there you are! Click on a lesson (you may have to wait approximately 3-4 seconds for the content to load, so don’t panic!) and off you go!

4. Who writes the contents for Brain benchmark?

Our content has been developed by subject matter experts and crafted by professional writers to offer you the highest quality of learning in an easy to follow format.

A huge amount of research and effort has gone into making each learning experience the best it can possibly be for you.

5. How I can help brain benchmark?

We love feedback!

Whether you’d love to see more of something, less of other things or have any other suggestions for how we can continue to improve our courses, please let us know!

6. How do I contact Brain benchmark?

You can drop us a line in a couple of ways:

Either fill in our contact form right here:

Or, send us an email at

We look forward to hearing from you!

7. Is it possible to save or download any content?

Yes you can download the course you have the permission for that.

Currently all our courses are web based and available only online.

8. I am unable to find my required content.

Have you tried using the ‘Search’ box at the top right-hand corner of the page?

If you’re looking for something specific, this is a great way to find it.

If you’re still unable to find a content that’s relevant to your needs, let us know! Simply drop us an email at and we will do everything we can to put together the content you require.

9. Why am I seeing a database maintenance message?

Sometimes our site requires a bit of updating, polishing and love. If you see this message, it means that our maintenance engineers and working behind the scenes to keep the site as up-to-date and functioning perfectly for you.

This will only ever be for a short period of time, so please bear with us and return in an hour or so to continue your learning.

10. What is web cache and why do I need to clear it?

A web cache is a collection of all the temporary files you’ve picked up along the way when browsing the internet. Its purpose is to help you navigate your favorite regular sites faster, as by having already downloaded the main parts of the site it allows you to access it faster. A cache can include audio files, cookies, images from web pages and all sorts of things. The problem with caches is that they can stop your computer from showing you when sites or content has been updated. In order to avoid this, it’s a great idea to regularly empty your cache. That way you can be sure you are viewing the most up-to-date content available. If you want to know how to do this, check out question 11. It’s a simple process!

11. How can I get rid of an error message?

An Error Message is usually due to scheduled maintenance being carried out on our site. It’s nothing to worry about. All you need to do is go through a couple of simple steps to clear your cache.

Here’s how:

Internet Explorer 8

  • Open your browser and click the Tools menu. Select Internet Options.
  • Select the General tab.
  • Under Browsing History, click Delete.
  • Make sure you also check the Temporary Internet Files box.
  • Click Delete.

 Internet Explorer 7

  • Open your browser and click the Tools menu. Select Internet Options
  • Select the General tab.
  • Under Browsing History click Delete.
  • Make sure you also check the Temporary Internet Files box.
  • Alternatively, you can clear your cache for just the current page you’re visiting. To do this Press and hold the [Ctrl] key on your keyboard, then press the [F5] key, or click the Refresh button (square button on the toolbar with opposite-facing arrows).

Internet Explorer 6

  • Open your browser and click the Tools menu. Select Internet Options.
  • Select the General tab
  • Click Delete Files in the Temporary Internet Files section. Then, click OK.
  • If you want the browser to automatically clear the cache whenever you close it, click the Advanced tab. Click to check the box next to the “Empty Temporary Internet files folder when browser is closed” option (in the section labeled ‘Security’). Click OK. This will delete everything except cookies.

Firefox 1.5 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5

  • Go to Tools, and then select Clear Private Data (Warning! This options clear everything you have saved within your browser! This means it may also include passwords, and search and browsing history, so be use with caution).
  • Alternatively, you can go to Tools and select Options.
  • Go to the Privacy tab, and click Settings.
  • Select what you would like to have cleared, leaving the things you want to keep unchecked/
  • Press Clear now under the Settings button.

Firefox 1.0

  • Click the Tools menu and select Options.
  • Click the Privacy button and select the Cache tab.
  • Click the Clear Cache Now button.

Google Chrome

  • Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  • Select Tools.
  • Select Clear browsing data.
  • In the dialog that appears, select the checkboxes for the types of information that you want to remove.
  • Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Select beginning of time to delete everything.
  • Click Clear browsing data.

Safari for Mac

  • Open the browser and click the Safari menu.
  • Select Empty Cache.
  • Click Empty.

12. What are the minimum system requirements for accessing any content?

The minimum system requirements for accessing our courses are:

  • Adobe®Flash Player;
  • Internet access (our courses will work on all speeds, although the faster the better!)
  • Web browser. Recommended browsers include Google Chrome®and Mozilla Firefox®