Business Cultures

We are a global village…
The internet allows us to seamlessly connect with people and businesses across the world in seconds. Air travel allows movement across the globe freely, cheaply and fast. The potential to work with different cultures has never been better or easier.
Yet, we often forget a key element: Understanding the differences of those cultures to our own.
Culture is ingrained in all we do. We may not realize it, but our daily patterns, beliefs, language, rituals and core behavior are all influenced by the culture in which we live. So, although we can connect online at the click of a mouse, if we fail to appreciate and understand each other’s cultural differences, relationships quickly break down.
Our ‘Business Cultures’ guides offer country-specific insights into the fundamental aspects of business cultures across the world – How people live and work and their expectations from business interactions and relationships.
If you currently work with a global team, these courses are an invaluable way to truly understand your clients or co-workers. And with that understanding comes mutual respect, improved connection, productivity and long term, beneficial business relationships.

Country specific cultural e-learning courses

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