Self Motivation & Positive Attitude



Just Imagine a work environment where everyone wants to bring positive energy to work. An environment where you are motivated at work and in your personal lives. Using concepts of motivation and ways that they can be used on the job, this program illustrates how you can become self-motivated superstars.

Motivation comes from within each person. It is important to trigger their levels with simple techniques in which they can discover and experience their own motivation. Achievement carries its own reward. You will naturally feel proud when you have accomplished something challenging and worthwhile. If you celebrate the victory, you will be highly motivated to repeat it-and even improve on it.

This course will activate the initiatives that would channelize motivation within you.


  • To build capabilities to trigger motivation
  • To understand the relation of motivation to success in your work
  • To Embed motivation as a primary component across the organization
  • To understand your own characteristics and goals
  • To understand the Power of Positive Attitude

Course Contents 

  • Success Mantra
  • Overcoming Resistance
  • Be on Fire
  • Staying Fired Up
  • Enhance your Performance
  • Smart Goals
  • Power of Attitude