Personal Grooming


Hello and Welcome to the course on “Personal Grooming” developed by Brain benchmark. This training course on “Personal Grooming” is designed for individuals to improve their professionalism and personal grooming skills.

Thirty seconds is all you get to make a first impression on others. But how you carry yourself is not merely about cleanliness, hygiene and self-confidence. Appropriate haircut, neat-finger nails, a good shave, a ‘just right’ fragrance, sparkling teeth and an odorless mouth go a long way in deciding how others perceive you. So first impressions have to be perfect. This course will give you easy-to-use personal grooming techniques and tips to achieve the ‘perfect’ look, both at work and play.


After completing all the Modules in this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand that personal presentation is as important as professional etiquette.
  • Understand the basic points to be kept in mind regarding personal grooming.
  • Learn what personal grooming is apt for what professional venture i.e. Dress Right, Smell Right etc for each occasion.