Managing Stress



A matter of Universal Concern. It affects everybody. Stress is a fact of life. Managed stress can become useful and healthy, like viewing events as challenges Whereas unmanaged stress can become distressful and unhealthy, like viewing events as threats.

Stress is the way we react physically, mentally, and emotionally to various conditions, changes, and demands in our lives. Unless we can regularly release the tension that comes with stress, it can increase our risk for physical and mental illness. In this course, we describe that not all stress is bad as said above. Positive stress can challenge us to act in creative and resourceful ways. In fact, too little stress can be bad for us, since stress can motivate us to do our best. However, when stress becomes so great that it overwhelms us, negative stress (distress) sets in.

Learning outcome

  • To identify the needs of Managing Stress
  • To use various checklists and instruments to know the stress levels
  • To select appropriate strategies based on age, educational level, occupation & environment of participants
  • To prepare you to work under conditions of stress
  • To help you to overcome stress
  • To use various measures to overcome stress, while at work.

Target Audience

This course is designed for :

  • Students
  • Employees
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers and Directors

or for any executive/individual who wishes to manage stress in their every day lives.