Living & Working effectively in Japan



Our country profile will enable you as a professional to relate effectively within the diversity of culture; customs and belief that you will encounter in Japan and help you overcome these barriers. You will learn key strategies that will enable you to work more effectively with individuals from Japan, whether remotely, from your home country or in the country itself.

Upon the completion of this profile, you will be more confident & competent interacting with people from South Africa. This profile is provides in-depth understanding of the Japanese Culture, its values, how they are manifested, what’s appropriate & inappropriate business behavior & prepares you to succeed working with people in & from Japan.

Target Audience

This course is for individuals or a group of people who are moving abroad, doing business across borders, leading a global team or dealing with any foreign individual as part of their business.


  • You will learn to live and work effectively in Japan or with the Japanese with a high level of sophistication
  • You will understand the cultural orientation of colleagues, partners and clients from Japan to have better business outcome
  • Learn key skills required to build successful business and strong social relationships with Japanese
  • Increase understanding, plans and skills to minimize cultural misunderstandings and toughen cultural interactions
  • You will understand the role of time, hierarchy & formality in the Japanese workplace
  • You will learn dimensions of Japanese culture and you will start to see how you can avoid embarrassing and confusing situations