Fundamentals of e-commerce



With the advent of technology and the internet, E- commerce or Electronic commerce has taken over the physical market to a large extent. It has brought about a huge revolution in business practices. E-commerce has dramatically affected almost all sectors of business with its impact on procurement,  shopping, business collaborations and customer service.  It means much more than merely ordering goods from a catalog.

The nature of competition is changing drastically and hence, It is extremely important for organizations to strategize  in order to attract and retain their existing and new online customers. E-commerce provides unprecedented opportunities to organizations to expand their business and increase their market shares.

Objectives of this course

  • To understand and comprehend the complexity of E-commerce and its various dimensions
  • To study the various applications of E-commerce
  • To study and understand the underlying technology of E-commerce
  • To describe the various topologies used in E-commerce
  • To understand the various security aspects of E-commerce
  • To understand the legal and ethical issues

Learning Outcome

By the end of this course we will have learnt the following:

  • Description of E-commerce
  • The various applications of E-commerce
  • The benefits and limitations of E-commerce
  • Description of the underlying technology that the internet is built on
  • The importance of security in E-commerce
  • The various topologies used in E-commerce
  • Legal and ethical issues persisting in E-commerce