Football also known as soccer is the world’s most popular game played by 250 million players in over 200 countries around the globe. The game also host many major sports events such as World cup football, UEFA champion’s league, Euro cup etc. which usually broke their own records in viewer’s count and money spend each now and then. In this tutorial we’re going to learn and understand the biggest game played on the planet. We also cover the important rules and key elements that everyone should be aware of.  Rules include the important ground rules, gameplay rules, player’s rules and key elements such as game tactics, game representations etc.


This tutorial is mainly focusing on people who’re interested in understanding the world’s most popular game. Whoever interested in learning a new sport and know in deep can also take this tutorial as a reference. In this tutorial we’ll be taking each and every aspect in detail which can be understood by various people with different knowledge category.


The game football is not a complex to understand. Even if you’re watching it for the first time, apart from some events you’ll easily understand the aim and result of the game. So as Prerequisites you should not just take this tutorial as the ultimate tool. Watching and understand plays a major role in learning something. Once you finish this tutorial and starts watching the game you’ll get the clear picture of the game.