F1 Tutorial


F1 Tutorial








F1 (Formula One) is the top most motor sporting event on the planet.  There aren’t much sports events where we make use of machines much but F1 is one among them where man and machine combine their resources to compete with others with same resources. With a tutorial we cannot teach you to become a F1 driver or any professional related to F1 but we can show you how things works and most of them are beyond your imaginations. F1 is not just about some weird cars racing through a well maintained road. There are many things that everyone should understand about F1.

Target Audience

This tutorial covers almost every portion of F1 from basics to an extent. So whoever is interested in the biggest motorsport event on the planet and ready to face one of the technological wonders can use this tutorial as a reference.


For this tutorial there will be many ideas and theories which may look unrealistic but they are facts because when it comes to each and every component on the F1, they use best products and they spend a lot to make it happen. So as a F1 fan you should not compare these things with your normal cars and the technology used in those.