Effective Negotiation Skills


“We are born Negotiators, however, effective negotiation is an art that needs training and practice.”

Negotiations can be the easiest and least painful of all experiences, yet they can also lead to a great deal of stress, feelings of uncertainty – of being cheated, as well as of failure. The subtle art of negotiation requires a combination of traits, not ordinarily related to one’s workplace, profession or educational qualifications. In fact the art of negotiation not only requires a certain business acumen and competency as a professional, but also requires an acute understanding and responsiveness to human nature.

There are various type of situations for negotiation, however, it is not bargaining or horse-trading. In the former USSR negotiators were trained for three years at the Institute of Foreign Trade in Moscow before they were allowed into their first negotiation. The Americans also have a similar setup to train their negotiators, to the extent that there are negotiators who specialize in very unique situations for negotiations – hostage situations, diplomacy, electioneering, sales-purchase, and other situations for negotiations.

Objective of this course

  • Entering confidently into a negotiation
  • Identifying opportunities for negotiation
  • Analyzing personal conflict handling and managerial styles
  • Analyzing a negotiation situation and preparing
  • Identifying, using and countering a variety of strategies and tactics
  • Setting limits and goal for a successful negotiation
  • Negotiating with difficult individuals
  • Team building for negotiations

Learning outcomes

  • Knowing your management style
  • Awareness of the phases of a negotiation and the ability to secure commitment to lasting agreements
  • Ability to approach the preparation for a negotiation in a structured manner and rehearse the planned strategies
  • Ability to structure language to create cooperation, identify and use non-verbal signals & better developed questioning and listening skills
  • Perceptive to the stated and the hidden agencies of all parties and how to bridge & build the common ground
  • Qualified in the formulation of positive negotiation strategies
  • The ability to use negotiation tactics to alter the balance of power
  • Positioning yourself to achieve a Win-Win situation

Target Audience

This course is designed for

  • Managers
  • Project managers
  • Directors