Cross Cultural Orientation



To communicate effectively across cultures is a skill few can afford to neglect. This module will help you understand the types of cultures, deal with culture shock and understand the visible and invisible cultures.

Gesture to an American coworker with your thumb and forefinger forming a circle and you send the message okay; do the same to a Saudi Arabian business associate and you comment on his gender orientation! What makes the difference in how your gesture is interpreted is culture, or what we might call collective mental programming.

We are programmed by our upbringing, education, and language to respond to people and situations in a particular way. Whether we will find working with someone whose mental programming differs from ours frustrating or fascinating depends largely upon our skill with intercultural business etiquette.

Target Audience

Individuals or teams who are deployed at an overseas project site or any individual/team who want to develop and refine their cross-cultural dynamics and communication.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand Culture, values and relative perception
  • Gain understanding of Cultural Iceberg
  • Identify types of culture and comfort zone
  • Understand cultural shock and cross cultural model
  • Apply techniques to deal with cultural shock



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