Basics of Project Management



The need for project management raised in the middle of 19th century for businesses to complete projects with effective organisation and utilization of resources, finances and time with better coordination and effective communication across departments and professions.

Today, Project Management is considered as a skill set in many organisations where individuals are appointed as Project Managers to plan and monitor the project activities by utilizing the available resources in efficient manner to complete the tasks in specified time and take corrective action when appropriate.

Target Audience

Professionals and New trainees in industry who will be leading or be a part of New Product Development Projects or project teams in general will be benefited by this course by getting an in-depth idea of how Project activities are planned in phases and resources are arranged and managed for optimum utilization along with an insight of factors to be kept in mind for the success of Projects.


  • What is Project Management ?
  • What are different phases of Project ?
  • What is the scope of each phase of Project ?
  • Strategies for Effective Project Management



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