Basics of effective Selling


From the colorful bazaars in India to the corporate towers in New York, goods and services are being exchanged. This activity pivots on the skills and talents of the professional salesperson. Sales people introduce, highlight, and entice the buyers. Exchanges are made and the world of commerce turns. It’s an exciting business to be in!

Do you aspire to be part of that world? Or do you simply want to be more effective in selling a product or service within your own small sphere of influence? Either way, this is a good place to start!.

Selling is a complex and sophisticated process, but successful sales begin and end with the essentials. Whether you’re selling high-tech or a neighborhood window-washing service, this is a good place to start. Becoming a skilled sales professional is a rewarding professional goal and with time and efforts, you can achieve it.

Learning Outcomes

How to prepare to sell?

  • Ways to know your customer and business
  • Tips to understand your product
  • Methods to develop qualified leads
  • How to prepare yourself to sell?

How to conduct a sale?

  • How to set the call objectives?
  • Techniques to initiate contact
  • Ways to present a sales message
  • How to close a sale?
  • How to follow through on the sale?
  • Tips on how to structure a long-term relationship with customers
  • Ways to plan for more business