Applying Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace


If you think high IQ will help you rise to the highest rung in the Corporate Ladder – you are mistaken! Research Studies show high Emotional Intelligence is a stronger parameter for success.

Imagine that an android created with tremendous logical abilities, but no emotions, has somehow been granted the ability to feel—to experience grief, anger, fear, joy, and love. The new emotions catch the near-human machine off guard. Bumbling along socially and letting its emotions rage, it wreaks havoc. The android must learn what messages its emotions carry, how to channel their energy toward positive goals, and how to get along with other emotional beings. Having been designed for fantastic logical intelligence, it must now learn emotional intelligence.

For us, as for the android in this popular science fiction plot, developing emotional intelligence is one of the great challenges of life. Like the fictional android, each of us has the ability to experience emotion, but didn’t come into the world with an instruction manual on how to understand those emotions, use them to our benefit, balance them with logical thinking, and get along with our fellow emotional beings.



Taking this course is an opportunity for you to:

  • Adapt readily to changing circumstances.
  • Help others express their needs.
  • Respond to difficult people calmly and thoughtfully.
  • Maintain an optimistic outlook on life.
  • Learn how to improve continuously and help others improve as well.



  • Emotional self-management is vital to the good life
  • You already apply your logical intelligence at work.
  • Your emotional destiny is in your hands.

Learning Outcome

How to think intelligently about emotions?

  • The purpose of emotion
  • Techniques for interrupting your automatic responses
  • Ways to rewrite your emotional script
  • Methods for eliminating the causes of anxiety, rage, and depression
  • Tips on becoming more optimistic
  • How to motivate yourself?
  • Thoughts for finding greater sense in your work

The keys to behaving wisely

  • Skills for listening to and understanding the feelings of others
  • A tool for expanding your emotional vocabulary
  • How to adjust to the communication styles of others?
  • Guidelines on managing anger and stress
  • A system for handling angry people
  • Tips on relieving stress and recharging your emotional batteries
  • How to leverage your strengths?

Techniques for fostering emotional intelligence in others

  • Methods for promoting organizational self-awareness
  • Guidelines for giving feedback effectively and inoffensively
  • Ideas on getting feedback non-defensively
  • Ideas for fostering a climate of civility
  • How to build a spirit of teamwork?
  • Principles for inspiring passion in others