A complete guide – Google Analytics



In order to market your website effectively to your customers and prospective customers, you need to know what they need and want, and what appeals to your target market. One way to gather this valuable information is through Google Analytics. One of the biggest reasons businesses use Google Analytics is to look at the metrics for their website.  In marketing, metrics allow your team to evaluate how effective their efforts are to make sure campaigns are successful for the business.

Why you should take Google analytics course?

  • With Google analytics you’ll be able to track your website traffic.
  • Google analytics is the most commonly used web application for tracking and through understand it you need not have to take help in this part.
  • You can keep your website code secure. You can avoid other third party sites accessing your site’s code for traffic tracking.(Google is most trusted among this category)

Who should learn Google analytics?

  • Web developers
  • Owners of website or blog
  • Basic internet knowledge seekers
  • Website/Web application bug fixers
  • Website ad placing workers
  • Those who are curious about the working of tracking the website

Objective of this course

The objective of this course is to give the audience knowledge about the working of Google analytics and it’s implementation along with sub topics.

The course is been divided into 6 parts:

  1. Understanding the concepts
  2. Working on tracking code
  3. More on google tag manager
  4. Event tracking
  5. More on tracking
  6. Goals and other attributes