Cultural intelligence in the workplace

Every passing day, the business world evolves picking up terms like emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence on its way. Working professionals often forget that their cultural perspective is quite different to that of their colleagues. Developing your cultural intelligence will get you so far up the ladder in your work place because you are capable […]

Online training Vs Traditional training

Technology has moved into all sects of our daily lives; communication, transport, energy and now education. E-learning is one of the fastest rising methods to train employees over the traditional method. Today companies are quickly moving away from the traditional method of job training because of the ease online training has brought to the podium. […]

The impact of culture in business

Culture is part of life as is business, integrating the both of them successfully will push you above your competition. Many entrepreneurs fail to keep their businesses operational in different parts of the world due to the cultural aspect of overwhelming them entirely. Many business partnerships today are built on agreements and mutual respect rather […]

Tips for working with foreign clients

Doing business sometimes means going across borderlines. Global status is a vision glued to every entrepreneur’s mind. Geographical boundaries no longer pose any threat to great business men who look to expand their market base. The truth is that every business ought to enjoy this status once in its lifetime. There are many benefits to […]

The powerful role of the internet in the business world

Business changed the day we discovered the internet. The internet plays a major role in making many entrepreneurial dreams come to life. Shrewd business men have worked their way around this faction that has leapfrogged to the biggest form of communication in the corporate world. Business owners are looking to cut back on expenses like […]

Importance of social media tools to grow your business

The world evolves with newer inventions every now and then. Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors and its relevance quite undisputed. Social media was only an adventure for the youth a decade ago, but today it’s becoming a cornerstone to digital marketers to pump up sales for businesses all over the globe. Many […]

Decision making skills

Decision making is one of the biggest fears of humanity. People often worry about the consequences of their decisions and how they might impact the future. Every single aspect of life is a result of decision making; the reason you are chasing that particular career and not another. We make decisions every single day, some […]

Managing stress in the workplace

Stress is a word not alien to anyone who has ever held a job. Certain expectations and deadlines just get to you in all the ways possible making you feel like you want to pull your hair from your scalp. In times like these, I imagine banging my head against the wall with loud core […]

Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

Emotional intelligence is a growing term in today’s office. Many employers are looking for workers willing to play in a team setting and posses extra qualities such as self control, perseverance. Emotional intelligence first came to the work place in the late 90’s following a publication “Emotional Intelligence”. Most business owners found the book quite […]

The art of effective communication

Effective communication is a pot of gold that could suddenly change your life forever. Being able to drive the point home is such a huge bonus to one’s career. Effective communication is the most important life skill and one of the ways to build strong bonds with work colleagues. Effective communication doesn’t just confine to […]


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