Tips and tricks to boost your confidence level

Wherever you go, whatever you do, it is essential never to let your self confidence drop. Indeed, a high degree of confidence in yourself and your abilities will help you in all walks of life. It helps you come out of your shell, handle your fears better, and cope well with any failures and stumbling […]

The role of eye contact in successful communication

On the surface, this may sound rather dubious. Surely successful communication is all about how you present yourself, your tone and your choice of words? Well yes, for the most part. But there are certain factors that either endear or antagonize you, and this subconscious first impression more or less translated into the final outcome. […]

4 Tips to beat the morning rush

Learn how to beat the morning rush by getting up that bit earlier every day… So, this is something everyone can relate to. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s getting to college or the workplace in time, or keeping a breakfast appointment with a client or a loved one, it invariably seems that the alarm […]

3 Tips to instill self discipline

Learn how to stay disciplined in the face of distractions, and follow up on your resolutions As far as quintessential traits go, self discipline is one of the most effusive ones. Ideal but tough to inculcate, it nevertheless serves timely reminders everyday of why it is necessary to a healthy and fulfilling life, even in […]

4 Tips to enhance your listening skills

Acknowledge the importance of listening skills, and learn how to give the speaker your undivided attention Listening is a quality that does not receive the kind of significance that it probably should. When you consider the emphasis placed on speaking skills, with mainstream classes and workshops, it makes the lack of similar stress on good […]

4 Tips to Improve your Memory Power

It’s safe to say that, whether it’s preparing for an exam or giving a presentation at work, most of us do have a hard time remembering some of the tougher information we pored through the previous day. Even during our normal routine, we are all prone to occasional lapses in memory and displays of absent […]

4 Techniques of anger management

Losing one’s temper is probably the worst thing that happens frequently to everyone, but there are some for whom it’s more than just a casual hindrance in their normal routine. There are enough things in the world that can infuriate even the calmest of people, but there are some who are poorly equipped in dealing […]

Developing a healthy personality

In the real world, personality is a word that is used quite of times, almost thrown about so casually that it’s quite difficult to comprehend the exact context of its usage or the idea it is meant to represent. Instant impressions are said to last forever, but these do not take into account the exact nuances […]

Mastering the art of public speaking

5 quick tips to avoid stage fright and master public speaking Stage fear! …..That feeling that every kid knows very well and something that seemingly stays with you throughout all the presentations in college and business meetings at work. A speech well rehearsed and delivered can sway people and influence their opinions, but not unless you […]

Remaining self motivated at the toughest of times

I trust I’m not alone when I say that the fifteen minutes between getting into bed for the night and finally falling asleep is when I suddenly become the most motivated person in the world, and resolve to figure out my purpose in life. I’m sure you do that too. But then the morning comes, […]


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